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T-Star Enterprises is the world's largest supplier of commercial swimming pool/spa Heat Saver Blankets and Storage Reel Systems.

T-Star Enterprises is the innovative development group responsible for the Energy Saver Insulated Pool Blanket System.

  • Conservation of the world's natural resources.
  • Reduction in facility operating expense.
  • Ensuring public safety and the enjoyment of all aquatic facilities.

Custom Blanket Design

  • Each blanket is custom-made to fit the unique shape of each swimming pool and/or spa.
  • Outdoor swimming pool blankets are fitted with perimeter-weighted edging.
  • Tailored cutouts are provided for all surface obstructions such as ladders and handrails.
  • Perfect fit is guaranteed.

Easy To Use

The T-Star Energy Saver Blanket has been designed with the actual user's needs in mind.

  • Designed for ease of handling.
  • Blanket sections are stored on our heavy-duty, portable, stainless steel storage reels.
  • Blankets are easily attached to the reel.

Made By Craftsmen

The process of fabric-to-foam flame lamination is an expensive operation that is an art form, pioneered by Mac Ball Industries over 30 years ago. Our dedication to the commercial aquatic industry and the in-house manufacturing process allows us to achieve a standard of quality unmatched by any other manufacturer. In-house manufacturing capabilities also provide for our ability to react to increased demand with readily available inventory.


The manufacturing process consists of a two-step flame lamination process. The buoyant laminate materials used in the fabrication of the Heat Saver blankets are:

  • Machine-woven, high-density polyethylene fabric.
  • Tear-resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent
  • Treating with a UV inhibitor adds years to blanket life.
  • Chemical resistant to all materials found in the aquatic environment.


The assembly technique and the various components that make up the Energy Saver Blanket System are unique to our process. Our trained craftsmen incorporate doubled polyethylene-woven fabric as an interlocking end and edge treatment, which retards blanket wear. They also provide load-dispersion plates at all corner sections of the blanket, non-corroding handling grommets, and naturally, the required safety signage.


All sewing is done on machines specifically designed for the purpose of joining flame-laminate materials. The synchronized stitching drive systems ensure uniformity of stitch length and predictable seam strength. The stitch employed is a double-locking chain stitch, which utilizes a ultra-violet stabilized, chemically resistant, 100% polyester thread. This allows for extreme flexibility between laminate layers (seams). This flexibility makes the blanket easier to handle and more resistant to tearing when the seams are stretched. The chain stitch allows for repair of individual sections of the blanket.

Designed To Last A Lifetime

Safety, strength, durability, field serviceability, and ease of operation are the hallmark features of the T-STAR Storage Reel.

  • Quality constructed end frames are welded structures and are 1.5" x 1.5" type 304 stainless steel box beam - much stronger than the conventional round tubing found in less expensive storage reels.
  • Side rails are bolted in place and are 1" x 2" type 304 stainless steel box beam - much stronger than the conventional round tubing found in less expensive storage reels.
  • Each storage reel tube is fitted with our exclusive self-aligning and self-lubricating composite bearing assemblies.
  • Modular design allows for low transportation cost, field assembly, serviceability and component replacement.
  • Heavy-duty, non-corroding, stainless steel casters that employ easy-to-maneuver 6" diameter polyurethane wheels.
  • Self-leveling, screw-type floor lock brakes with replaceable polyethylene brake pads.
  • Reels provided in single, double or triple storage reel tube configurations.
  • Reel assemblies are available in two configurations: on-deck portable and space saver wall-mount.
  • Lifetime structural warranty.


Some states have enacted laws, which now require the use of natural resource conserving heat-saving insulated blankets on all new swimming pool projects.


The T-Star System provides an excellent return on investment. Most systems pay for themselves within the first year and continue generating savings

More investment incentives - many utility companies offer rebates of up to 50% of the cost of energy conservation systems.


Evaporation, conduction, convection and radiation are responsible for 90% of the energy losses attributed to commercial swimming pool and spa facilities. These costs are substantially reduced through effective insulation and evaporation control.


The T-Star Blanket Protector provides an additional ultra-violet stabilized layer to cover your blankets when stored on the reel.

  • Energy Saver Blankets are NOT to be used as safety covers.
  • T-Star Enterprises, in its attempt to protect the owners, end users and the general public, complies with all known Federal Regulation Label and Marking requirements (OSHA and ASTM-Es13-89). Warning signs are permanently and conspicuously attached to each blanket regarding their safe and proper usage.

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