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The Dry Alternative To Liquid and Gas Chlorine

A special patented blend of 68% available chlorine calcium hypochlorite, dry, solid, Pulsar® Plus briquettes contain an additive that dramatically reduces the scale associated with calcium hypochlorite solutions. Pulsar® Plus briquettes have a uniform dissolution rate and provide steady, uniform chlorination of pool water.

Easy-to-handle Pulsar® Plus briquettes are stored in lightweight plastic pails, or plastic drums. A season's supply of Pulsar® Plus occupies just one sixth the space of a season's supply of bleach. Pulsar® Plus has excellent shelf-life, maintaining 97% of its potency in one year of storage under normal conditions – versus bleach – which can lose as much as 33% in one month.

Big Savings From Reduced Pool Repairs

Your pool water craves calcium. Water deficient in calcium and carbonate becomes aggressive and seeks the chemicals it lacks in plaster surfaces. The results are mottling, pitting, and damage to plaster and grout. Pulsar® Plus produces a calcium/carbonate balance that substantially reduces damage to pool surfaces and equipment.

Pulsar® Plus raises pool water pH, helping prevent corrosion caused by low pH. With Pulsar® Plus, metal equipment develops a microscopic layer of calcium carbonate that adheres to the surface, providing additional corrosion protection. Easy-to-handle Pulsar® Plus briquettes eliminate the messy and corrosive spills that can happen with bleach. No more corroded pipes, pumps and valves, or flooring damage. The results are longer pool life, lower maintenance costs and substantial cost savings with Pulsar® Plus.

Reduced Balance Adjustments 

Pools using Pulsar® chemistry require less adjustment of pH, alkalinity and hardness making them easier to control than a typical bleach pool. Less acid is needed to control pH. It often takes two and one-half times as much acid to maintain proper pH in a bleach pool due to the caustic stabilizers in bleach.

Cut Your Sodium Intake 

Sodium is a key contributor to TDS buildup. Because of bleach's rapid loss of strength, more liquid -- containing more salt -- must be added to achieve the required available chlorine levels. The result of increasing TDS levels can be the frequent need to drain and refill the pool, dull-looking water, corrosion and salty taste. TDS buildup with Pulsar® Plus is less than half that of bleach.

Cut Your Operating Costs

The overall cost of chemicals and water using Pulsar® Plus can be less than half the overall cost of using bleach When you add in the reduced cost of maintenance and pool repairs, the choice is clear: Pulsar® Plus is the cost effective sanitation system.

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