Model 500

Category: Pulsar Systems

New Design HIGH Efficiency

Chlorination Evolved

With the Pulsar® System chlorinator remarkable water clarity color and sparkle are as easy to achieve as they are to enjoy. The
Pulsar System eliminates the hazards of chlorine gas and liquid bleach, protects bathers, plaster and equipment and reduces chloramine
odors dramatically. It’s the only sanitation method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats. All in one simple process. Pool water that’s balanced using the Pulsar® System is cleaner and clearer with less hassle - leading to longer pool and equipment life.

Model 500 Specifications

Chlorinator height .................................40” [101.6cm]
Chlorinator weight (full).................. 465 lbs [210.9kg]
Chlorinator weight (empty)................ 165 lbs [74.8kg]


300 lbs [136.1kg] Pulsar® Plus Dry Chlorinator
Briquettes (equivalent to 204 lbs [92.5kg]
available chlorine)

Feed Rate:

Pulsar® Plus Briquettes: 15-500 lbs
[7.3-266.8kg] of Available Chlorine per day

Recommended Pool Size:

15,000-200,000 gallon [56,781-757,082 liter]
50,000-1,600,000 gallon [189,270-14,763,106 liter]
• Subject to local health codes

Patented Spray Technology:

  • Consistent high strength solution of 1.5% AvCl on demand
  • Uniform dissolution of briquette bed
  • Uses 68% AvCl Pulsar briquettes

Improved Serviceability:

  • All internal components easily accessible
  • All external components mounted in front
  • Removable solenoid assembly
  • Quick disconnect fittings
  • Common components across feeder line

Less Maintenance:

  • Automated wash down logic
  • Optional dilution feature
  • Improved discharge valve
  • Minimal solution reservoir

Increased Safety:

  • Lid switch
  • Overflow prevention system
  • Sliding hopper (P500 only)
  • Minimal solution reservoir
  • Seismic zone compliant


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