Pooltest 25 Professional Plus

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Pooltest 25 Professional Plus

Professional pool testing for use poolside or in a retail environment, the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus delivers complete pool testing in an easy-to-use photometer.

Swimming pool testing can take many forms from simple visual products to sophisticated yet intuitive electronic instruments. Professional pool testing should always be carried out with a photometer and the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is the choice of major international events such as Beijing 2008 and London 2012. 

Features include:

  • The most comprehensive range of tests available, including both Langelier Saturation Index and Water Balance
  • Waterproof and battery powered for poolside – mains powered and simple-to-use for retail use
  • USB port for download of 1,000 results with date, time and sample ID. 

Professional Pool Testing

Test all parameters required for professional pool management or to support any request in the pool store. Disinfection parameters using the original Palintest DPD method, Water Balance and Langelier Saturation Index plus stabiliser, phosphate, salt and much more.

Simple and Intuitive Testing

Tablet reagents are easy to handle and methods are simple to use. The Pooltest 25 Professional Plus provides on screen prompts and guidance for test protocols.

Waterproof USB Port

Suitable for use anywhere, the USB port is bi-directional allowing data download without any specialist software required and remote control via proprietary pool software programmes.

Multilingual Backlit Interface

Choose from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Turkish language options. The large LCD screen has a user-controllable backlight to ensure perfect visibility in challenging light conditions.

Comprehensive Kit Contents

Everything required to start testing immediately is included in the kit together with an initial set of reagents. Accessories available include field validation standards traceable to national reference materials.


  • Total Alkalinity (Alkaphot®)
  • Aluminium Ammonia
  • Bromine
  • Calcium Hardness (Calcicol™)
  • Chloride/Salt (Chloridol™)
  • Chlorine – Free (DPD No 1)
  • Chlorine – Free, Extended Range (DPD XF)
  • Chlorine – Free, Combined and Total (DPD No 1 and DPD No 3)
  • Chlorine – Free, Combined and Total, extended range (DPD XF and DPD XT)
  • Chlorine – Total (DPD No 4)
  • Chlorine – Total (DPD No 3 only)
  • Chlorine – Total, Extended Range (DPD XT only)
  • Chlorine HR
  • Copper – Free, Combined and Total (Coppercol®)
  • Copper – Free
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Hardness – Total (Hardicol®)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide HR
  • Iron LR
  • Manganese
  • Nitrate (Nitratest™)
  • Ozone (DPD method)
  • pH – Phenol Red
  • Phosphate LR
  • Sulphate 

Delivered with all components required to start work immediately and supplied with a two year warranty, the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is the choice of professionals.


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