National Series Vertical Filter Systems

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Nemato National Series filter tanks are constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Isophthalic or Vinylester Resin (F.R.P.) and manufactured to ASTM and ASME tank standards using molded surfaces for all critical dimensions.The tanks are totally non-corrosive and have a high gloss gel-coat finish with UV protection. The filter systems are designed for working pressures of 50 PSIG or 100 PSIG with a 4 to 1 safety factor.

The filter systems are shipped with all internal components and media dump port in a fully assembled state. All National filter designs come with uniquely placed integrally molded flanged influent/ effluent connections, 12" X 16" integrally molded manhole seat with internally mounted F.R.P. or F.R.P./ clear acrylic cover, integrally molded lifting lugs integrally molded F.R.P. saddle support and molded pressure gauge panel with two (2) panel mount gauges. 

National Series Internal Components

The Upper Distribution System in all National Vertical Series filtration systems, incorporate proprietary hydraulically engineered ABS plastic distribution lenses. The lenses are strategically placed to assure a flat uniform media bed while preventing turbulence, media migration and channeling over a broad range of flow rates ranging from 5 to 20 U.S.G.P.M. per sq. ft. of filter area.

The Lower Collection System utilizes 2" ABS plastic laterals to retain multiple types of granular filter media or a single grade of #20 or #30 silica sand. The laterals are strategically placed to produce minimum head loss due to full filter bed coverage. The laterals are self-cleaning due to a molded V slot configuration and promote thorough filter media cleansing through balanced fluidization during backwash. All laterals installed in 72" diameter filter tanks and larger are structurally supported to assure stability during shipping and operation.

National Line™ Vertical Filter Systems Model

The National Line Vertical Filter Systems are available in seven (7) vertical designs. They come in 34", 42", 60", 72", 84", 96" and 120" diameter tanks. They are available in 50 or 100 psi operating pressures with side mount flanged piping connections. This provides a wide range of filter bed surface areas from 6.3 sq. ft. to 78.5 sq. ft. All National Filter Systems can be used with multiple types of granular media or one (1) single grade of # 20 or # 30 silica sand. The National vertical filtration systems come standard with a 36" usable filter media bed depth and can be used in multi-media configurations. National vertical single filter tank flow capacities range from 31.5 to 1,570 U.S. GPM.

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