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The new generation of Copper Fin2 commercial gas heaters give you all the advantages of Copper-Fin technology combined with the benefits of a sealed combustion system.

It delivers three major advantages: higher efficiency, a smaller footprint, and a wide variety of venting options.

89% Thermal Efficiency

Copper Fin2 delivers 89% thermal efficiency. The specially designed Lochinvar blower assembly maintains exact control of the gas/air ratio delivered to the burners, which are high-grade stainless steel and produce an extremely efficient, low profile flame. This precise system not only raises efficiency, it lowers operation and maintenance costs.

Less than 20 ppm NOx Rating

Our unique fan-assisted combustion process discharges extremely low NOx emissions, for a safer environment. In fact, an independent certification laboratory test gave us a rating of less than 20 ppm – corrected to 3% Oxygen.

Consistent Performance

Thanks to this unique proportional-firing technique, these new Copper Fin2 models not only offer more accurate temperature control, but also thermal efficiencies of 89%. It is designed to operate at peak efficiency, even as demand may change.

Consider this: Conventional pool heaters achieve peak efficiency only when they are running at maximum capacity. When the demand for heat is lower, the efficiency is too. But with proportional firing, energy can be saved at every level of usage, not just the maximum.

Plus, our Copper-Fin heat exchanger provides superior heat transfer-nine times better than ordinary copper.

Total System Redundancy

Proportional firing also means unmatched reliability. In our larger 991-2071 models every major component has a back up – multiple gas valves, multiple fans, even dual Hot Surface Ignition Systems – so downtime is virtually eliminated.

Every unit is equipped with a comprehensive Diagnostic Information Center that alerts the operator if there is a problem and helps to isolate it quickly. The 401-2071 models also feature the industries first slide-out control panel with plug-in components. A built-in circuit breaker eliminates fuses, too – making servicing fast and easy.

Save Space and Money

The models in the new Copper Fin2 series are so efficient they can out perform other, much larger pool heaters. They not only do the same job with lower operating costs, they can do it in less space! That means a smaller footprint – without sacrificing output.

These innovative units can be stacked, for a total capacity of more than 4.1 million BTU with an increase in system length of little more than one foot. Plus, a Copper Fin2 requires only 3 inches clearance from combustible walls.

The largest Copper Fin2, the model 2070, can fit through a standard 36” doorframe. Because of our sealed combustion chamber with power-assisted blowers and high efficiency, it requires a smaller diameter vent-up to 10 inches less than typically required for a comparably sized pool heater. And that can mean a significant reduction in installation costs.

With 89% thermal efficiency and their smaller, stackable design, Copper Fin2 heaters for pool applications save both space and money. Plus, now they are also available with capacities up to 2 million BTUs and featuring proportional firing-only from Lochinvar.

Venting Options

Thanks to a small footprint, low clearance requirements and stackable design, the Copper Fin2 can be installed almost anywhere. And for even more installation flexibility, you can choose from six different venting options, including Lochinvars own DirectAireÔ system.

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