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Innovation in Design

The AQUAS commercial pool package is a dramatic advancement in the design of pool heating systems.
The AQUAS package is a factory assembled system featuring a free-standing boiler piped to a dedicated
cupro-nickel pool heat exchanger.

The AQUAS indirect pool heating design gives you…

• Effective heat transfer from a high efficiency, condensing modulating boiler.
• A complete factory assembled package reduces installation cost and time.
• Separating the pool water from the direct-fired heat source reduces maintenance
and promotes longer equipment life.
• Reliability and performance with a positive user experience.

Pool Heat Exchanger

A durable industrial grade cupro-nickel heat exchanger
design provides effective heat transfer. The pool water flows through a series of cupro-nickel
tubes. Surrounding the tubes is a chamber filled with
heated water from the boiler. This simple design keeps the
pool water separate from the heat source while allowing for complete and
highly efficient heat transfer.


In addition, this innovative design allows for increased overall thermal transfer exceeding the input rate of the boiler.
A 1,500,000 Btu/hr pool package can match the heating power of a 2,000,000 Btu/hr direct fired pool heater.
This design delivers a higher "Thermal Duty Rating" and reduces the amount of fuel burned to generate comfortable pool temperatures.

Thermal Efficiency

The AQUAS pool package is constructed with
stainless steel modulating condensing boilers
that deliver up to 97% thermal efficiency. Low
return water temperature from a pool makes
for an ideal application. The heat exchanger is
sized to maximize the heat transfer of the
boiler water to the pool water flowing through
the heat exchanger. Higher thermal efficiency
reduces your fuel costs.

Direct-Venting up to 100 Feet

AQUAS offers multiple venting options and tremendous
flexibility for placement of units within the building,
because it permits direct-vent air intake and exhaust
runs up to 100 equivalent feet using either PVC, CPVC,
Polypropylene or AL29-4C stainless steel vent pipe.
Intake and exhaust runs can terminate horizontally
through a sidewall or vertically through the roof.
> 97% Thermal Efficiency
> Modulating Burner with 5:1 Turndown (400-801)
> Modulating Burner with 10:1 Turndown (1015-1520)
> Direct-Spark Ignition
> Low NOx Operation
> Sealed Combustion
> Low Gas Pressure Operation
> Vertical & Horizontal Venting
> Category IV Venting up to 100 Feet
> PVC, CPVC or AL29-4C Vent Material
> Sidewall Vent Terminations provided
> ASME Stainless Steel Boiler Heat Exchanger
> ASME Certified, “H” Stamped
> Gasketless design
> 160 psi working pressure
> On/Off Switch
> Re-circulation Boiler Pumps
> Expansion Tank w/ Fill Valve
> Adjustable High Limit w/ Auto Reset
> Adjustable High Limit w/ Manual Reset
> Flow Switch (400-801)
> Low Water Cutoff w/ Manual Reset & Test (1015-1520)
> Low Air Pressure Switches
> High & Low Gas Pressure Switches w/ Manual Reset
> Inlet & Outlet Temperature Sensors
> Two Easy Access Terminal Strips
> 30 psi ASME Relief Valve
> Temperature & Pressure Gauge
> Zero Clearances to Combustible Material
> External Cupro-Nickel Pool Heat Exchanger
> Salt Water Ready
> Flanged CPVC Connections

Smart Touch™ & Smart System™ Features

> SMART SYSTEM™ Operating Control (400-801)
> Multi-Colored Graphic LCD Display w/ Navigation Dial
> SMART TOUCH™ Operating Control (1015-1520)
> Full Color Touch Screen LCD Display
> Built in Cascading Sequencer for up to 8 Pool Heaters
> Lead Lag
> Efficiency Optimization
> Mix multiple input sizes
> Outdoor Reset Control w/ Outdoor Air Sensor
> Programmable System Efficiency Optimizers
> Night Setback
> Anti-Cycling
> Ramp Delay
> Boost Temperature & Time
> Building Management System Integration
> Optional Modbus communication
> 0-10 VDC Input Control for Modulation or SetPoint
> 0-10 VDC Output for Modulation Rate

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