Smart Pump Control System

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Saving thousands on Energy Costs is just the Smarter thing to do.

Motor, logic, and process functions into one complete unit.
The Smart Pump Control System represents a revolutionary new concept in pump controls. The SPCS simplifies the pumping process in your pool filtration system by integrating essential motor, logic, and process control functions into a single unit. Its advanced intelligence provides superior flow control, optimal efficiency, and protection for the pumping equipment.

A streamlined solution.

Traditional pump control systems are an assemblage of stand-alone components, often from different manufacturers. Getting all of these pieces to function together can be a daunting and often impossible task.

The SPCS eliminates coordination hassles by seamlessly combining variable speed motor control, PID process control, and soft logic into a streamlined solution - no other controls are required. The entire system is housed in a single wall mounted enclosure. Setup and service are simplified, since there are not multiple vendors to deal with

Maximum performance, efficiency, and pump life.

The SPCS provides smart control of your circulation pump. It knows how to get the most out of the pump, yet it treats the system as a whole to maximize performance, efficiency and pump life.

Energy savings while minimizing wear and tear.

Driven by state of the art controls that are programmed to respond to all aspects of the filtration cycle. Multiple features yield smooth pump control through a full range of performance, normal filtration speeds to a slowing down speed during off hours, and extreme energy savings, all while minimizing wear and tear on the system.

Smart Pump Control System (SPCS) PAT. PEND.
All pumps in a service with variable resistance, like a pool filtration system, can benefit for the use of a adjustable frequency drive (AFD).

The introduction of an SPCS into your pool filtration system will allow the pump to operate at its selected best efficiency point throughout the filtration cycle … saving energy and reducing wear on components.

How much energy can be saved will depend on the design conditions and condition of the equipment … typical saving range from 25% to 40%.

Definition: The Smart Pump Control System (SPCS) is a control device that works in tandem with existing or new Automatic Filter Controls (AFC) and Chemical Controls (CC). The SPCS responds to two different inputs, one is from a flow sensor installed in the downstream return line to the pool, and the second is from the relays within the AFC or CC. After receiving the inputs, the SPCS then controls the speed of the motor causing the pump to operate where it was selected and designed, and also maintaining the required turnover rate for the pool. The SPCS constantly monitors these inputs and responds to the changing demands of the filter system throughout normal use, backwash, or shut down. This results in the best possible efficiency during operation with minimally detrimental operation to the equipment.

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