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EPD USA Inc. is the innovative leader in the design of commercial and industrial Hi-Rate Permanent Media Filtration Systems.

EPD began operation in 1980 and has since garnered a reputation form manufacturing an extensive line of fully automatic filtration systems available in Epoxy Coated Steel Tank and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tank configurations. EPD's top-quality filter systems range from single tank units to massive eight tank models, affording flow rates of 80 gpm to 2,640 gpm. Our systems are cost-efficient, easy-to-operate, and can readily meet any required water demands. These systems can be easily adapted to existing locations and expanded if necessary. Furthermore, a generous Limited Warranty, up to 20 years, is provided with each EPD system, our quality assurance statement to you.

That is why EPD is specified by engineers and architects around the world who demand only the best products for their clients.

EPD offers the clear choice for Commercial Pool, Water Park and Theme Park designers and operators who demand exceptional water clarity. That's because our top-quality filters provide sparkling water while helping to hold down operational costs.

Key elements include:

We are pleased to bring you systems that will meet your needs for decades to come. Eko3’s filtration systems exceed all of the product design criteria previously established. Many system features are unique to our product offerings and, therefore, are not found in competitive products. Features of the Hi-Rate permanent media filtration systems include:

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Low initial cost
  • Rapid delivery
  • Ease of both the initial installation and future expansion

EPD's Hi-Rate Sand Filters are National Sanitation Foundation listed (up to 20 GPM per sq. ft. of filter area) and are NSF listed under Standard 50 for #20 and #30 silica sand. What's more, our filter systems meet or exceed the Health Department requirements in all states for the filtration of swimming pool water in public pools.


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Aquatic Environmental Systems was founded in 1983 to be a resource for swimming pool and water treatment professionals in the Southwest.  From a desk and a telephone in a walk-in closet, we have grown into over 6,000 square feet of space, eleven employees and five service vehicles in Arizona and New Mexico.  This has enabled us to better serve a diverse group of professionals in the water treatment and recreational water community in Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso and West Texas.

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