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Eko3’s Hi-Rate permanent media filtration systems are designed with the intention of establishing higher standards for the commercial recreational water industry- standards associated with water treatment equipment efficiency, water quality, product quality and ease of installation and operation.

Design considerations provide for:

  • Pure and safe water production - safeguarding the health of patrons and employees.
  • Guaranteed performance and systems optimization through automated operation.
  • Reduced operating costs and conservation of natural resources.
  • System performance documentation.
  • Protection against systems malfunction through the use of an alert system.
  • Maintenance minimization and extended equipment life.
  • Easy and affordable installation in both new and retrofit applications.
  • Return on investment planning support.

We are pleased to bring you systems that will meet your needs for decades to come. Eko3's filtration systems exceed all of the product design criteria previously established. Many system features are unique to our product offerings and, therefore, are not found in competitive products. Features of the Hi-Rate permanent media filtration systems include:


  • Automated filter and water chemistry control systems
  • Water quality control monitoring and data logging
  • Provisions for remote operation
  • Onboard energy management system
  • Backwash using clean filtered water
  • Chemical and water level monitoring and alert system
  • Fail-safe features to safeguard all operations
  • Component accessibility
  • Smaller footprint, modular design
  • Non-corroding components - built to last
  • Designed for 100 psi working pressure
  • NSF Standard 50 Listed Factory-trained and certified local technicians
  • 15 Year Warranty<
  • Tank(s)
  • Face piping
  • Backwash and system operational control valves
  • Gauge panels
  • Your choice of operating systemsSafer water environment for patrons
  • Requires less floor space and ceiling height
  • Provides for system payback
  • Requires less energy to operate
  • Single control center for logging facility operating history
  • Allows for onsite or offsite system control and monitoring
  • All components are made of non-corroding materials
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Made entirely of non-corroding materials: 100 psi working pressure with 4:1 safety factor
  • Integrally cast fiberglass tank port connections12" x 16" clear acrylic manhole
    - view window
  • Automatic and manual air relief systems
  • 3" media evacuation port with winterizing drain port
  • Accommodates Seismic structure requirements
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 50 Listed
  • Horizontal filters:
    - First ever flow regulating (underdrain) system
    - Flow-performance engineered
    - Hydraulically balanced
    - Metered flow
  • Material selection allowing for commercial and industrial application
    - 2 1/2" Structurally superior lateral underdrains
    - 1 1/4" NPT lateral to header connection
    - Overhead diverters that maintain Reynolds numbers below 2500
    - Schedule 80 PVC manifold headers
  • Manual external system features non-corroding valve
  • Automatic reachable/cleanable anti-fouling filter screen
  • NSF listed for us with both grades of sand
  • Reduced head loss through valve
  • No external moving parts
  • No valve adjustment needed
  • Backwash using clean filtered water on multiple tank systems
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Water pressure actuated
  • 100 psi system operating pressure
  • Pump to continue to run during operating cycles
  • Made of non-corroding materials
  • No maintenance required
  • Grooved valve connections allowing for ease of installation
  • Allows for visual reference to backwash water through large (4-inch) clear viewing pipe
  • Tamper-proof, gate-type valve
  • Allows for flow consistency
  • Tamper-proof, gate-type valve
  • Allows for flow constituency
  • Ensures proper backwash flow rateTamper-proof, gate-type valve
  • Located on top of filter
    - Minimizes floor space requirements
    - Complete access to filter components
    - All Schedule 80 PVC
    - Standard 6" waste piping
    - Large models utilize 8" to 12" piping
    - Complete access to filter components
  • Modular design
    - Quick and easy to install
    - Simple future expansion
  • Fittings are extruded from the piping itself in manifolds 8" and above
    - No solvent welded seams
    - No more leaky fittings
    - Eliminates dimensional stack-up problems 

Strict Fabrication Requirements

Assembly line productions allow us to offer pre-engineered filtration systems that have consistent quality at affordable prices. Investment in the appropriate tools and fixtures allows us to pressure test, flow test and operate all system components prior to packaging them for shipment - assuring owner satisfaction with every filtration system.


Eko3 provides a superior filtration system for use in the recreational water industry. Cutting edge technology has been employed to provide an efficient and functional system with the highest degree of structural integrity. The unit's high-pressure filter tank, available in three inside diameters 34, 42 and 60 inch, allow for flexibility of the end-user's needs. There is no internal liner or bladder to rupture or cause leaking, no metals, no coating to crack and fail, and no bulkhead fittings to crack and leak. Our filter tanks are designed to be completely integral, using fiberglass, Kevlar and resin construction.

Features of our high-pressure vessels are:

- Polyurethane resin

- Fiberglass strands and roving
- Kevlar
- Non-corroding tank support saddles

Internal Components

All internal components are made of industrial grade non-corroding material, Schedule 80 PVC, polypropylene, ABS and stainless steel.

Air Relief Systems

Internal and external air relief systems

Filter Media

#20 and #30 Silica Sand

Backwash Valve

Eko3's two-way, three-port, 6" lps backwash valve features extra large waterways.

Design Features and Benefits:

ABS construction

Controlling Valves

A backwash sightglass valve assembly and a flow rate valve or a priority valve is provided with each filter system.

Valve Function and Benefits:

Backwash Sightglass Valve

Controls backwash flow rate

Flow Rate Control Valve

Controls flow rate of single and multiple tank systems

Priority Valve

Controls flow rate for two tank filter systems

Grooved Couplings

Grooved couplings allow for slight misalignments and uneven mechanical room floors. Six-inch grooved couplings are injection molded ABS. Eight-inch through twelve-inch couplings are galvanized Ductile Iron.

Face Piping

We have designed our face piping to be the highest quality, most installer-friendly in the industry. 

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