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Pool Water Maintenance As You Have Never Experienced Before.

BioLab Commercial Pool Care™ introduces a complete line of commercial saline chlorinators that make pool maintenance simpler and safer, while offering security and peace of mind.

Saline chlorinators have already enjoyed huge success worldwide. Now, that same technology has been developed to meet the specific requirements of commercial pools, thereby providing an alternative to traditional commercial pool care maintenance.

The patented, UL and NSF listed line of products developed by ChlorKing® makes saline chlorination an ideal treatment solution for almost every commercial application. This innovative technology produces chlorine sanitizer within the circulation system of the swimming pool without storage and the handling and shipping restrictions usually associated with chlorine gas, bleach or calcium hypochlorite systems.


Exceptional Water Quality for Swimmers

  • Less chlorine odor makes swimming more enjoyable
  • Reduced eye irritation during swimming
  • Water feels softer and silkier to bathers
  • Automatically produces sanitizer on-site and maintains crystal clear water
  • Convenient operation makes maintenance easy
  • Consistent sanitizer levels lead to less algae problems
  • Chlorine demand and scaling is greatly reduced or eliminated


  • Eliminates need to store large amounts of traditional chlorinating products
  • No more mixing chemicals
  • Reduced storage, handling and shipping restrictions


Raw materials used by the system to manufacture hypochlorous acid for the sanitization of swimming pools and spas are salt and electricity.


Non-iodized, coarse, sun dried or pelletized salt is initially added to the pool water to develop a concentration of 0.5% (5,000 ppm). This concentration of salt in the water is similar to the concentration in human tears and provides water that swimmers find to be softer and gentler to the skin, eyes and hair.


A small amount of electricity is used by the ChlorKing¨ system during the electrolysis process.

The Process

Chlorine generators use an electrolytic cell to produce chlorine gas from sodium chloride (salt) present in the water. This chlorine gas immediately forms the sanitizer hypochlorous acid in the water.

The Electrolysis Process

A side stream of water is diverted around the filters. This water passes between the plates of the electrolytic cell where a low level of current passes between the anode and cathode plates. This current causes the production of Cl (chlorine gas) and H (hydrogen gas). Because this reaction occurs within the water, the chlorine gas dissolves into the water, resulting in the formation of HOCl (hypochlorous acid). HOCl provides a free available chlorine residual for superchlorination. The side stream of water rejoins the main circulation system downstream from the filters and all the components are mixed into the main flow of water returning to the pool. The hydrogen gas will bubble out of the water and dissipate into the air. The sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid dissolve into the pool water, as the free available chlorine residual provides continuous sanitation to the pool water.

Sanitizing effect

When the circulation system of the pool is operating, the electrolytic generator is operating, producing a continuous supply of chlorine to sanitize the pool. The power supply of the chlorinator is linked to the power supply of the circulation system, providing a safeguard to stop chlorination when the circulation system of the pool is not operating. The continuous introduction of the chlorine residual within the electrolytic cell provides an environment that reduces the formation of chloramines, irritating compounds that form as a result of certain types of swimmer wastes (sweat, urine) reacting with the free available chlorine residual in the pool water. The continuous introduction also provides a more consistent and controllable chlorine residual within the pool, providing a safer and more desirable swimming environment for pool users, while also helping to prevent algae growth. The salt is continually regenerated and available for conversion back to the active hypochlorous acid residual when it passes between the plates of the electrolytic cell. The only loss of salt is due to backwash, leaks or splash out, or in the case of an outdoor pool, very heavy rainfall. It will be necessary to occasionally add salt to maintain the recommended 5,000 ppm concentration.

The Benefits

Low operating costs

  • Low power required to operate the electrolytic cell
  • Less water balancing chemicals required

Reduced maintenance

  • Automated feeding requires less on-site staff time
  • Easy to operate system requires little maintenance

Safer environment for employees and patrons

  • No need to store large amounts of traditional chlorinating products
  • No need to mix chemicals
  • No bulky containers to move and store
  • UL approved / NSF listed
  • Less corrosive environment

Bather friendly

  • Low level of salinity in water provides softer feeling water
  • Reduced eye irritation

High quality water

  • Effective, consistent sanitation
  • Reduced formation of chloramines
  • Effective algae prevention

Easy installation

  • Easily taps into existing circulation systems
  • Operational immediately after installation

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