BECSysBW Auto Backwash Controller

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BECSysBW filter system backwash controls provide automatic backwash control of up to 16 sand filters, continuously monitoring and controlling system pressures, system flow rate, and backwash holding tank levels.

Patent-pending VFD control technology assures optimal and efficient circulation pump operation. The BECSysBW includes advanced functions such as fireman cycle heater control, fireman cycle Ozone/UV shutdown, and recirculation pump operation.
Email and Text Message Alarm Notifications are supported by the standard integral 100BaseT Ethernet connection, and integration with Wi-Fi networks is supported with the optional BECSys Wi-Fi module. All inputs and system events are recorded in on-board data logs, accessible with BECSys for Windows Windows 8 compatible PC software, which is included with every BECSysBW.
Advanced safety features and multi-level security are standard, and every controller comes with factory-trained start-up and support provided by local distribution. The BECSysBW controller comes with a 5-year electronics warranty.


System Inputs

  • All system inputs feature high/low alarm settings, and are recorded in integral data logs.
  • Optional flow rate sensor
  • Two assignable digital inputs, can be used for measuring:
    • Surge Tank Level
    • Backwash Tank Level
  • Three assignable inputs, configurable as 4-20mA or digital inputs, can be used for measuring:
    • Strainer Vacuum
    • Filter Influent Pressure
    • Surge Tank Level
    • Pump Effluent Pressure
    • Filter Effluent Pressure
    • Backwash Tank Level
    • Turbidity

User Interface

  • 14 line x 40 character backlit LCD, with front-panel contrast adjustment and automatic temperature compensation
  • Single-touch access to Set Points, Relay Modes, Calibrations, Backwash status and settings, Menu access, and Reset Fail/Safes.
  • Optional BECSys Control Supervisor 8.4” color touch-screen display interface

Control Functions

  • Flow: Display and log System Flow, maintaining a total flow volume; Low Flow alarm can disable chemical feeds.
  • Heater: Backwash Fireman Cycle feature and minimum flow rate set point (inhibits heater if flow rate drops below set point).
  • Enzyme: Programmable daily timed feed with start and end time, feed duration, and multiple feeds per day.
  • Polymer: Programmable for daily timed feed or feed-down control based upon turbidity reading and set point.
  • Backwash Tank monitoring: monitor, display and data log backwash tank level
  • Surge Tank monitoring: monitor, display and data log surge tank level
  • Autofill: control water makeup valve to maintain pool level setpoint based upon surge tank (or equivalent) level, with a programmable alternate set point.
  • Sensor wash: programmable sensor wash with start and end time, feed duration, and multiple cycles per day.

Main Recirculation Pump Control Functions

  • On/Off Control: Based upon various sensors and settings such as low surge tank level, strainer high vacuum, Emergency Off, and Fireman Switch settings.
  • TDH: Monitor pump Total Dynamic Head (TDH) with user settable high/low alarm settings.
  • VFD: Variable Frequency Drive interface to control recirculation pump drive level to maintain flow rate or fixed setting. Four Manually-triggered and Four Scheduled alternate profiles are user programmable.

Sand Filter Backwash (BW) Control Functions

  • Initiation: Programmable based upon time, pressure differential, system flow, flow volume, turbidity, or Manual.
  • Standard Operation: Features include a settable Inhibit period, BW Frequency Failsafe, Fireman Cycles, Primary/Priority Valve management, alternating lead filter, BW duration, and dwell time between filters.
  • BW Holding Tank Management: Monitor the backwash holding tank to prevent overflow. Automatically suspend backwash when tank is full, and resume when empty, keeping track of the cumulative backwash time.
  • Advanced Optimization: Accessory relay can be programmed for wide range of options, such as dechlorination in the BW holding tank. Save water by ending a filter backwash early when desired turbidity level reached.

Control Outputs

  • Mechanical Relays: Six (6) standard mechanical relay outputs, supports up to 4 sand filters.
  • Additional Relays: Fifteen (15) additional solid-state relay or mechanical outputs with addition of up to 3 BECSys SRX or MRX relay expansion modules, supports up to a total of 16 sand filters.
  • 4-20mA Outputs: Eight (8) optional separately isolated 4-20mA analog outputs, which can be configured to record any enabled input, or for VFD control of recirculation pump.

Safety Features

  • Manual-On Limit: built-in limits automatically return manual overrides to automatic control, to prevent accidentally leaving relays activated following service/troubleshooting efforts.
  • High/Low Alarm Settings: Programmable high and low alarm settings for all inputs.
  • Emergency Off: Front-panel Emergency Off button immediately halts all control outputs; can be password protected.
  • Internal Safety Shield: Prevents access to high voltage circuitry or wiring during fuse replacement.
  • System Security
    • Three levels of security access codes – Operator (6), Manager (2), and Rep (1).
    • Data logs record history of access identified by user.
  • Data-Logging
    • Data logs maintained in battery protected RAM
    • Log up to 10 to 56 days of input level history (every 2 to 10 minutes)
    • Log up to 1100 system events over a maximum of 14 days (for example, feed cycles or alarms)

Remote Access and Alarm Notification

  • BECSys for Windows Windows7-compatible PC software package included
  • 100 BaseT Ethernet (standard): supports Email and Text message alarm notifications
  • Wi-Fi compatibility with optional BECSys Wi-Fi module
  • Optional MODBUS TCP/IP interface, operates concurrently with BECSys for WIndows
  • Optional 56k data modem: supports Numeric Pager alarm notifications
  • Optional Ethernet with 56k fax/data modem: supports Email, Text message, Fax and Numeric Pager notifications

Regulatory Approvals/Certifications

  • NSF:           NSF Certified and Listed to NSF/ANSI Standard 50
  • USA:          ETL Listed ANSI/UL 61010-1
  • Canada:      ETL Listed CAN/CSA C22.2 #61010-1
  • Europe/CE: CENELEC EN 61010-1, European Community Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • FCC part 15 sub part B: Radio frequency devices, unintentional radiators
    • EN 61326: EMC requirements for measurement and control equipment
    • European Community EMC Directive 89/336/EEC


  • 5 years electronics; 1 year optional sensors

BECSysBW Data Sheet

BECSysBW Sales Brochure


BECSysBW Quick Reference


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