BECSys Wi-Fi Interface Module

Category: Automated Controllers

The BECSys Wi-Fi Interface Module is used to connect BECSys controllers onto existing Wi-Fi (WLAN) networks.

This provides an advantage over other wireless technologies that carry a monthly service charge. Integration into an existing Wi-Fi WLAN network has
no additional recurring charges or fees.
The BECSys Wi-Fi Module features a strong 600mW, 10dBi gain internal antenna. For applications requiring a stronger signal a connector is provided for an optional external antenna.
Power-over-Ethernet (24V POE) technology allows for optimal installation. The included Power Injector supplies power over the Ethernet cable, rather than requiring the BECSys Wi-Fi module to be mounted close to a power supply. The Power Injector can be installed anywhere in between the Wi-Fi module and BECSys controller, which means the BECSys Wi-Fi module can be easily mounted where signal is strongest. The LED Signal Strength indicator on the back of the module makes finding the ideal mounting location simple.
The BECSys Wi-Fi module can be mounted up to 300 feet away from the BECSys controller. The unit can be wall-mounted or polemounted, and is suitable for sheltered outdoor locations. Each unit comes with factory-trained installation, startup and support.


  • IEEE 802.11b/g (2.5GHz WLAN)
  • Strong 10dBi antenna
  • 600 mW wireless power
  • LED Signal Strength Indicator
  • WEP Encryption – 64/128/152 bit
  • Remote mountable
  • Outdoor rated


  • No monthly recurring fees
  • Secure access via LAN, WLAN and Internet
  • Remotely monitor pool status
  • Download and view data logs
  • Change all parameters (password protected)
  • Email and Text Message Alarm Notifications


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