BECS Filter Interface Panel

Category: Automated Controllers

The BECSys Filter Interface Panel provides a simple and efficient interface between a BECSys7 or BECSysBW and filtration systems.

The Filter Interface Panel is expandable to up to 10 filters (without priority valve).
Solenoids are 24VDC activated, making this a very safe system. The Filter Control System electronics include a UL-Rated 24VDC power supply, which can be mounted remotely so that no high-voltage wiring is needed to the Panel. Solenoids are pre-wired to the Filtration Control System electronics based upon configuration supplied at time of order, including number of filters and whether or not a priority valve is used. If ordered with a corresponding BECSysBW or BECSys7, the controller will also be pre-programmed with the automatic filtration configuration.
This Filter Interface Panel uses sealed solenoids, which prevents the water from entering the internals of the solenoid and degrading performance over time. There are two versions: One has solenoids with a very large 4mm orifice and ½” push fittings, to move a large volume of water upon actuation. The second version has solenoids with a 2mm orifice and 3/8” push fittings.
The Filter Interface Panel has an optional differential pressure switch with gauge. This differential pressure switch is not needed when differential pressure is calculated by the BECSys controller from filter influent and filter effluent pressure transducers. Use of the transducers allows the BECSys controller to maintain a full historical data log of influent and effluent filter pressures as well as filter pressure differential, all accessible remotely through BECSys for Windows.
The system is very easy to install. Low-voltage cables are all that is required to connect the BECSys Filter Interface Panel to its host BECSys7 or BECSysBW controller – no high-voltage wiring is required between the host BECSys controller and the Filter Interface Panel. The host controller communicates through an error-checked digital RS485 connection.
This panel comes standard in a wall-mount configuration. An optional pipe-mount kit is available.


  • Configurable as a completely low-voltage, 24VDC system
  • Electronics enclosed in NEMA 4X housing
  • Simple installation
  • Configurations up to 10 filters
  • BECSys7 or BECSysBW filter assignments pre-programmed at factory
  • Valve Differential Pressure gauge with contact switch
  • Override buttons on each solenoid

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