AntiWave Supertensioner

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AntiWave "Supertensioner"®

The “Supertensioner” is unique to AntiWave. As the only turnbuckle-tensioning device on the market, it doesn’t merely set the standard--it is the standard. From its ease of use to its simple yet rugged design, the Supertensioner is a state-of-the-art solution to the age-old hassles associated with the traditional drum and ratchet systems.

The AntiWave “Supertensioner:

  • Is easy to adjust. All you need to tension or release the lane line is a few twists of the wrist. Even kids can handle this! Because there is no ratchet mechanism, there is no wrench to lose. While the old-style ratchet system is cumbersome and bulky, the “Supertensioner” is sleek, stylish and trouble-free.
  • Can’t be accidentally released. All other ratchet-type tensioning devices can be “tripped” accidentally, often resulting in a mess of cable and ratchet teeth. With its lock-nut feature, this simply cannot happen with our turnbuckle system.
  • Will not fray the cable. The body of the Supertensioner is designed to rotate around the cable, rather than the cable being tightly wound around a small-diameter drum. This effectively removes fraying cable, safety concerns and the need for plastic coated cable from the equation. Saves time and eliminates hassles when reconfiguring the pool. After initial installation (which is really easy; the “Supertensioner” comes with clear, simple instructions), getting lanes in and out of the pool is a matter of minutes.
  • Is manufactured in our plant in Seattle, Washington. Our business is molding and assembly, so we have complete control over the manufacturing process and quality of the product. That’s why we are the only lane supplier to extend a comprehensive 3-Year Warranty on all of our products.
  • Comes in a wide range of standard color choices to suit your pool or team colors (see below).
  • Can be used on existing lane lines. If it is time to upgrade or replace existing tensioning devices, the “Supertensioner” is designed to fit any lane line using 1/8-inch cable.
  • Comes fitted as standard on all AntiWave “Maximum” and “ForeRunner” lanes. Compare our prices with those of our competitors and you’ll see that ours is clearly good value for the money.

Supertensioner colors: Red, White, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Black.

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