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AntiWave "Ultimate" Lane Storage Reels

The “Ultimate” Storage Reel is the ideal piece of equipment for storing your lanes when they are not in use. When considering storage factors, the “Ultimate” passes the grade: it is lightweight, easy to use and easy to move. Best of all, it is among the largest-capacity reels on the market and is unquestionably the most reasonably priced. For these and many more reasons, you’ll see why the “Ultimate” truly lives up to its name!

The “Ultimate” Reel:

  • Has exceptional capacity. It will hold up to 8 - 75-foot “ForeRunner” lanes or 5 - 75-foot “Maximum” lanes.
  • Is made of top quality materials. All metal parts are made of durable white powder-coated aluminum, or stainless steel. All four wheels independently lock and rotate, providing for ease of movement and secure stationary braking. The 6-inch diameter of the center spindle is, by design, intended to reduce potential damage to the lane line discs.
  • Is supplied in kit form to minimize freight costs.
  • Can be assembled in approximately one hour by two people; each storage reel comes with a detailed Assembly Instruction sheet.
  • Comes with AntiWave’s comprehensive standard 3-Year Warranty.
  • Includes a special price discount if you purchase a quantity of AntiWave lane lines along with the “Ultimate” storage reel. Ask your Dealer for details.
  • For an additional cost, can also be supplied with a protective mesh cover.

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